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Onwards to 2012!

Last day of December!


I'm thinking of joining NaNoWriMo, but I'm afriad I just don't have the time... but it's so tempting...


I've picked up another manga! Damn you anime club! It's called Ao no Exorcist or Blue Exorcist, and the proteganist is so~ cute! I couldn't resist!  Seeing Satan in the first episode helps too! 'Cause now thanks to Beelzebub and Blue Exorcist I firmly believe that the Demon Lord is the most random and weird being in the universe! And that he is obessed with video games!!! And that he is crazy awesome! LOL~~

Pet sites follow up

I'm finding balance four sites rather diffcult, but I'm managing. And now for some shameless self promotion, referal links! Please click on them!



Virtual Pet Sites (part rant, part review)

Virtual pet sites are just one of my many obessions. The first pet site I've been on is Ponystar, I created multiple accounts on it and I loved it for a while, but then I left because the accounts and the amount of ponys I have accumlated was too much to take care of each day, in the end it had became a chore instead of a fun game. Though I recently discovered that the game site closed, I was a bit sad at the discovery....

Moving on, my next site is Dragon Cave (dragcave.net), with I joined after frenquenting sites where these adoptables appear in the signtures. I couldn't resist and now I got over 200 dragons and counting.

From there I found the Dragon Empire (www.thedragonempire.com). It is a dragon breeding site, it is currently my favorite pet site. There are currently 7 species of dragons on the site. The community is very nice, the site owners mingle amoung the populace, and it has reletively pleasant atmospher, though  you need to be over 13 to join the site. The accounts are upgradable but you can surive on the basic free account with no problem.

Next would be Mweor (www.mweor.com), a site for breeding cat-like creatures, I was on it for a bit since I love cats, but I got bored of it. It was a bit too fast paced for me, since any non-gen 1 females only had a certain amount of time where it can be bred, and I got tired of hunting for mates.

Now I'm on Aramii (aramii.com), I've only been on the site for a few days, so I really have don't have much to say about it, but I enjoyed being on the site so far, but now heres the kicker: even though I'm already on dragcave.net, www.thedragonempire.net, and aramii.net, I'm now looking for another pet game I can play, although that might lead me to abandon one of my other game sites, since that's what always happens when I'm active on more than two pet sites... and now I'm off the seek more pet site reviews!!!! and if all else fails I'll just join Wajas.

Bye Bye~~



I thought it'd be fun if I post two songs from a Chinese BL drama...

Just don't ask me for translations~ :P

Jul. 1st, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Reason I love Reborn...

Just watch this

followed by this

You must watch rebocon!!!

Best Speech in Existence

This is the quote that keeps me believing in life's beauty.